Cats and Dogs
Get your fill of cuteness at Art Explora Academy before you go on holiday… Every August it's international cat and dog day. Whether you're a cat person or a dog lover, you'll surely love our August playlist to discover the coolest pets in art history!

Cats have captivated creatives through the millennia with their curious characters and mesmerizing mannerisms. Their likenesses and temperaments have been painted, sculpted, and illustrated innumerable times over, which warrants a little compilation of artists inspired by these alluring animals.

Content produced by: Several circles

On the agenda
video - 15:57
22 Cat-Crazy Artists
By: Several Circles
video - 1:30
The King’s dogs
By: Château de Versailles
video - 4:59
NO, cats weren’t sacred in ancient Egypt!
By: ToutankaTube
video - 3:55
5 Cool CATS in ART History 😼
By: Google Arts & Culture