Celebrating women artists
Women artists were airbrushed from history for too long. It is time for a change! On this International Women's Rights Day, Art Explora honors the producers of content that give female artists the recognition they deserve. Discover our selection of podcasts and videos series to (re)discover those women artists.

Discover 5 amazing women artists that changed the art world! Including: Yayoi Kusama, Barbara Hepworth, Sonia Boyce, Georgia O’Keefe and Dayanita Singh.

Content produced by: Tate

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On the agenda
video - 3:35
5 Women Artists’ Stories
By: Tate
video - 8:59
Why are there so few female artists?
By: National Galleries of Scotland
video - 3:54
How This Painting Campaigned for Women’s Rights
By: Tate
podcast - 55:00
Augusta Savage: Civil Rights Activist & Harlem Renaissance Sculptor
By: More Than A Muse
podcast - 21:31
Forgotten women artists
By: Art matters
video - 10:07
Eight female artists from art history
By: The National Gallery
video - 3:16
Life for Women in 19th Century France
By: Art Heroes