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A brush with... is a podcast by The Art Newspaper that features in-depth conversations with leading international artists. Host Ben Luke asks the questions you've always wanted to: who are the artists, historical and contemporary, they most admire? Which are the museums they return to? What are the books, music and other media that most inspire them? What do they get up to in the studio every day? And what is art for, anyway? A podcast sponsored by Bloomberg Connects.

In the inaugural episode of The Art Newspaper’s podcast series of conversations with artists, host Ben Luke talks to Michael Armitage about his life and work through his cultural experiences: the artists, living and long gone, who he most admires; the art he has pinned to his studio wall; the museum that holds endless inspiration; the writers he returns to; the music he plays as he paints in the studio; the rituals of his daily practice. We learn about the unique fusion of East African and European culture at the heart of Armitage’s paintings, explore the ways that the art of the past can infuse the present day; and ultimately ponder the wonderful, yet at times absurd, act of painting. This episode is sponsored by Cork Street Galleries.

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