What is contemporary art ?
No, contemporary art is not restricted to a small elite. The 59th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice opens its doors on April 23. They are so many art forms today that you are bound to find artists to carry you off into their dreams! Come on board, Art Explora Academy gives you some keys to better understand art and contemporary artists!

What is Abstract Expressionism? How did it skyrocket in popularity across the globe, and why does it hold a dominant position in the history of modern art to this day? Who started it? Who celebrated it? And what was so radical about Jackson Polloсk’s art that earned him a nickname “Jack the Dripper”? Let’s find out in this episode from Curious Muse!

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On the agenda
video - 7:4
Abstract Expressionism in 8 Minutes: From ‘Jack The Dripper’ to Color Fields
By: Curious Muse
video - 4:49
What is abstract expressionism?
By: Ted Ed
video - 12:55
Contemporary art in 5 masterpieces
By: Centre Pompidou
video - 11:25
The Case for Conceptual Art
By: The Art Assignment
video - 4:18
Who decides what art means?
By: Ted Ed
video - 3:41
An Introduction to Performance Art
By: Tate