Ancient Egyptian Civilisation is in the spotlight!
Ancient Egyptian civilization has always been a topic of fascination, but how much do you really know about it? While Cleopatra, the last pharaoh, is a well-known name, the story of Queen Hatshepsut is not as familiar. How did the myths surrounding this civilization develop? What preconceived notions do we still hold about Ancient Egypt? You can find answers to these questions and more in our playlist!

Egyptologist Anthony Browder rates eight ancient Egypt scenes from movies and television for realism. He analyzes the accuracy of the mummification process depicted in “The Mummy” (1999), with Brendan Fraser, and “Moon Knight” (2022), starring Oscar Isaac. He also comments on pyramids and ancient ruins in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981), starring Harrison Ford; “Gods of Egypt” (2016), featuring Chadwick Boseman; and “The Ten Commandments” (1956). Browder discusses famous pharaohs, kings, and queens depicted in “Exodus: Gods and Kings” (2014), “Cleopatra” (1963), and “Tut” (2015).

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