Mark Rothko
If you haven't yet had the chance to see the Louis Vuitton Foundation's major retrospective dedicated to Mark Rothko, this playlist is for you. (Re)discover the American artist and abstract expressionism on Art Explora Academy!

Listen to this podcast’s episode to learn all about Rothko’s modern vision of painting.

Content produced by : Art Curious

On the agenda
podcast - 34:33
Art Auction Audacity – Rothko no°6 (Violet, Green and Red)
By: ArtCurious
video - 9:45
All Art is Political, Even Rothko
By: Amor Sciendi
video - 9:03
Art Meditations | Mark Rothko
By: Fondation Beyeler
video - 4:33
Rothko, No. 210/No. 211 (Orange)
By: SmartHistory
video - 4:00
Mark Rothko in 5 artworks by Christopher Rothko
By: Fondation Louis Vuitton
video - 15:10
Mark Rothko’s Seagram Murals
By: Great Art Explained