Art and video games 🎮
Does video games a sort of art? Did you already spot art references in Animal Crossing? Let’s talk about arty video games like Minecraft and the amazing creators of Fortnite, Mario and Pokemon in this playlist!

In the new hit game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are real pieces of art from history! Use this video as a guide to help identify the real from the fakes and learn some fun facts!

Content produced by: Accessible Art History

On the agenda
video - 6:04
Art in Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Part One
By: Accessible art history
video - 3:42
Art in Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Part 2
By: Accessible art history
podcast - 35:19
Shigeru Miyamoto: Mario
By: Who ARTed
podcast - 12:04
Satoshi Tajiri: Pokémon
By: Who ARTed
video - 6:33
Fortnite: How EPIC combined design, engineering, and creativity
By: Artrageous with Nate
video - 4:46
A brief history of video games (Part I)
By: Ted Ed
video - 6:07
Minecraft isn’t just a game. It’s an art form.
By: Vox Media
video - 15:45
A Video Game about Art?
By: The Art Assignment