Edvard Munch
On the occasion of the exhibition "Edvard Munch. A poem of life, love and death" at the Orsay Museum, Art Explora Academy has selected for you videos and podcasts to discover or rediscover the work of this artist. Learn more about this master of expressionism, who used painting to express his emotions and anxieties. Find out more about the author of the painting that inspired the emoji 😱: it's in our playlist of the week!

The Scream by Edvard Munch is one of the most famous artworks out there, and one of the most widely referenced. We see it in pop culture on t-shirts and posters, in the Simpsons and other cartoon parodies and one of the most famous scenes in the movie Home Alone saw Kevin mimic the pose of The Scream as he put on after shave. Of course, while we think we know the work, there is a lot people get wrong. For example, the painting isn’t about a person screaming. Munch was painting his feeling of anxiety being overwhelmed as he heard the scream of nature all around him. Also, some say the figure in the painting was based on a Peruvian mummy that was on display around that time.

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