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Welcome to Edward Hopper’s specific, yet schematic, love letter to the alienation of the modern American city.

Content produced by : The Lonely Palette

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podcast - 21:16
Edward Hopper’s Room in Brooklyn (1932)
By: The Lonely Palette
podcast - 21:27
The Black Presence in European Painting
By: Art matters
podcast - 31:56
Caravaggio the Murder or the Murdered ?
By: ArtCurious
podcast - 55:18
Vincent Van Gogh X Utagawa Hiroshige – 1887 / 1857
By: Art Slice
podcast - 33:00
Pugs & Their Meaning In Art with Nyassa Hinde
By: Jo's Art History
podcast - 53:32
Jessie Burton on Frida Kahlo
By: The Great Women Artists