A History of Toilets in Art
This 19 November, it's World Toilet Day. From Duchamp's urinal to Maurizio Catalan's golden toilet, this is our chance to talk about a subject that is rarely discussed: toilets in art history!

Where we discover a fountain like no other.

Content produced by : Art Explora

On the agenda
video - 1:00
“Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp
By: Art Explora
video - 4:07
The Great Toilet Paper debate
By: Arte
video - 9:35
Marcel Duchamp the Man and his “Arty” Urinal
By: Modern Art is Rubbish
video - 1:29
Who invented the toilet? Take a seat and find out
By: Google Arts & Culture
podcast - 27:20
Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” (1917)
By: The Lonely Palette
video - 4:52
The art of turning shit into gold
By: Arte
video - 14:05
Piero Manzoni and his “Artist’s Sh!t”
By: The Transgressives
podcast - 59:03
Bathroom Art
By: Art is Everything