Art in the Movies 🎬
The Cannes Film Festival has begun! Many directors refer in their films to great masterpieces of art history. But are you sure you have already spotted them? Let’s explore the most famous art cameos the film industry has to offer in our special playlist « Art in the movies ! ».

Where we understand the importance of the helmet among the samurais.

Content produced by : Art Explora

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video - 1:00
From samurai to Darth Vader
By: Art Explora
video - 49:35
Famous Art Cameos in Movies (part 1)
By: Jo's Art History
video - 35:58
Famous Art Cameos in Movies (part 2)
By: Jo's Art History
video - 3:09
Art in the Movies
By: Accessible art history
video - 16:45
When Disney Met Dalí
By: ArtCurious
video - 3:50
The paintings that inspired ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘The Great’
By: The National Gallery
video - 4:05
Art, History, and Mythology in Marvel’s Eternal
By: Accessible art history