Pioneers of photography
Do you know who took the first photograph ever ? And the first selfie? Learn everything about the beginnings of photography in our special playlist !

The invention of the photograph, in 1839, would forever change the way people looked at the world. But this extraordinary breakthrough cannot be credited to a single individual—while William Henry Fox Talbot labored quietly in England, Louis Daguerre toiled separately in France, with the announcements of their discoveries coming weeks apart. Learn about the unusual pursuit that led Talbot to his crucial innovation.

Content produced by : San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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On the agenda
video - 4:00
Sun Pictures: Henry Fox Talbot and the First Photographs
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Illuminating photography: From camera obscura to camera phone
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Pictures from a glass house: Julia Margaret Cameron’s portraits
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The Great Wave by Gustave Le Gray
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The first faked photograph
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