Napoleon who?
To celebrate the release of Ridley Scott's biopic about Napoleon, the Art Explora Academy has curated a special playlist dedicated to the French emperor. How did a simple soldier become the illustrious and controversial emperor we know today? What do David's paintings tell us about him? And why is Napoleon so prevalent in pop culture? Discover everything you need to know about Napoleon Bonaparte before heading to the cinema by checking out our playlist.

Napoleon Bonaparte rose to prominence during the French Revolution— but did he save the revolution or destroy it? You decide.

After the French Revolution erupted in 1789, Europe was thrown into chaos. Neighboring countries’ monarchs feared they would share the fate of Louis XVI and attacked the new Republic, while at home, extremism and mistrust between factions led to bloodshed. In the midst of all this conflict, Napoleon emerged. But did he save the revolution, or destroy it?

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On the agenda
video - 5:21
History vs. Napoleon Bonaparte
By: Ted Ed
video - 2:00
Art History Minute: Napoleon I on his Imperial Throne
By: Accessible art history
video - 3:54
Napoleon, plague, and propaganda – The Pesthouse at Jaffa
By: SmartHistory
video - 8:20
Napoleon’s missing hand, explained
By: Vox Media
podcast - 28:00
San Miniato, the town of the two Emperors
By: What's Up Tuscany