Street art
Whoever said that art can only be found in museums? Well, certainly not street artists! Despite its initial appeal for its subversive and illegal nature, street art has now become one of the most diverse and popular art movements worldwide. To learn more about the evolution of street art and its leading artists, check out our playlist!

Spray-painted subway cars, tagged bridges, mural-covered walls – graffiti pops up boldly throughout our cities. And it turns out: it’s nothing new. Graffiti has been around for thousands of years. And across that span of time, it’s raised the same questions we debate now: Is it art? Is it vandalism? Kelly Wall describes the history of graffiti.

Content produced by: TED Ed

On the agenda
video - 4:30
Is graffiti art? Or vandalism?
By: Ted Ed
video - 11:20
Behind the Banksy Stunt
By: The Art Assignment
video - 15:20
Keith Haring
By: Great Art Explained
video - 1:30
JR’s Studio Tour—Including a Life-Size Submarine
By: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
video - 4:30
23 Amazing Pieces Of Street Art Around The World
By: Insider
video - 8:45
JR in the Louvre Museum and the secret of the big pyramid
By: Musée du Louvre
video - 10:36
How did the graffiti evolve in the last 30 years
By: Brut