Celebrating women artists
Women artists were airbrushed from history for too long. It is time for a change! On this International Women's Rights Day, Art Explora honors the producers of content that give female artists the recognition they deserve. From « More than a Muse » to « The Great Women Artists », discover our selection of podcasts and videos series to (re)discover 500 years of women’s creation.

Katy Hessel interviews the highly esteemed National Gallery curator, Letizia Treves, on the Revolutionary Baroque artist, Artemisia Gentileschi.

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 The Great Women Artists

On the agenda
podcast - 52:27
Letizia Treves on Artemisia Gentileschi
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Forgotten women artists
By: Art matters
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How This Painting Campaigned for Women’s Rights
By: Tate
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Eight female artists from art history
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Why are there so few female artists?
By: National Galleries of Scotland
video - 4:58
Why are there so few female artists in the National Gallery?
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