Keeping it Surreal
This week sees the opening of the exhibition 'Keeping it surreal: Surrealism Beyond Borders' at the Tate Modern in London. To prepare your visit or to simply pretend you went there 😉 Art Explora has prepared a special playlist for you! From Dali to Chirico, with Dora Maar or Leonora Carrington, let's discover the works of these artists who used their dreams and the subconscious mind to create their art. Enjoy!

Stephanie Dueñas and Russell Shoemaker are back with another slice of Art History: they discuss Rene Magritte and his painting “The Unexpected Answer” from 1933, Giorgio “Daddy” De Chirico’s influence on Rene and the Surrealists, and De Chirico’s “The Song of Love” from 1914.

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On the agenda
podcast - 59:08
Rene Magritte & surrealism’s daddy, Giorgio de Chirico – The Song of Love 1914
By: Art Slice
video - 11:01
Introduction to the Exhibition “Max Ernst” by Curator Raphaël Bouvier
By: Fondation Beyeler
video - 6:43
Dorothea Tanning – Pushing the Boundaries of Surrealism | TateShots
By: Tate
video - 4:59
Surrealism in 5 Minutes: Idea Behind the Art Movement
By: Curious Muse
video - 4:25
What is Surrealism? Art Movements & Styles
By: National Galleries of Scotland
video - 8:43
Leonora Carrington – Britain’s Lost Surrealist
By: Tate
podcast - 28:12
René Magritte’s The Son of Man (1964)
By: The Lonely Palette
video - 7:23
Who Was Salvador Dali and What Is Surrealism?
By: Artrageous with Nate
video - 1:32
The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí
By: Accessible art history