Art History's Biggest Pranks
An abstract painting made by a monkey, faked photos, an artwork that destroys itself... Looks like it’s April 1st ! Great occasion to remember that artists are not the last when it comes to deceiving and joking. From Duchamp’s urinal to Joan Fontcuberta’s photomontages, Art Explora offers its own history of pranks in art with its new playlist!

In 1964, a new avant-garde artist was introduced to the art scene in the Swedish city of Gōteborg. The fresh new artist was Pierre Brassau and his work received rave reviews from critics and art fans alike.

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On the agenda
video - 5:07
The Critically Acclaimed Artist Who Turned Out to Be a Chimpanzee
By: Today I Found Out
video - 6:17
The first faked photograph
By: Vox Media
video - 5:11
The Duct-Taped Banana Explained
By: Amor Sciendi
video - 8:54
Art or Prank? 
By: The Art Assignment
podcast - 16:28
The prank of the century
By: What's Up Tuscany