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September, let’s get back to school ! Discover our videos and podcast to help you review your art history basics. How to analyse a work of art, to read a painting, to use the right vocabulary… Art Explora Academy will get you covered with its best cheats notes !

What is art? How do we define art? This episode explores some of the many ways that artists and writers and thinkers have defined and understood this thing we call art.

Content produced by : The Art Assignment

On the agenda
video - 13:59
The Definition of Art
By: The Art Assignment
video - 3:41
How to do a Visual Analysis
By: Accessible art history
video - 8:46
By: Google Arts & Culture
video - 10:09
How to recognize Italian Renaissance art
By: SmartHistory
video - 11:23
How to Sound like you Understand Art
By: The Art Assignment