World Fairs
The World Expo 2020 in Dubai ends this month. Since October 2021, visitors from all over the world have had the chance to discover the industrial and cultural achievements of 192 countries. But do you know what is a World Expo? How long have they existed? What is the relationship between World Fairs and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Crystal Building in London or the Atomium in Brussels? All the answers in our playlist of the week!

A world’s fair used to be a very big deal. They would draw tens of millions of visitors and they would showcase some of the most cutting edge advancements in science and technology. They were also responsible for the creation of some of the most iconic structures in the world. Nowadays…….not so much. Learn more about world fairs and how they shaped history on this episode of Everything Everywhere Daily.

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On the agenda
podcast - 12:16
The History of World Fairs
By: Everything Everywhere Daily Podcast
video - 1:00
The protests against the Eiffel Tower
By: Art Explora
video - 6:21
The Crystal Palace: The story of a great building
By: Amor Sciendi
video - 3:53
The Eiffel Tower: What’s the point?
By: Amor Sciendi
podcast - 21:38
Art and Innovation at World Fairs
By: Art matters