Happy Valentine's Day!
The feeling of love has often inspired artists. And what better way to represent this than with couples hugging and kissing each other? In this playlist, discover the most iconic kisses in art history! 💋

Few artworks have been reproduced as often as Klimt’s “Kiss”. Museum shops from around the world sell thousands of items inspired by details from this 1908 painting, from tote bags and posters to umbrellas and teddy bears. Why is this particular painting so special to so many people? Let’s find out!

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video - 3:55
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt: What’s Behind Iconic Artwork?
By: Curious Muse
video - 1:34
Art History Minute: The Lovers || René Magritte and Surrealism
By: Accessible art history
podcast - 30:23
Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s “The Desired Moment”, 1770
By: The Lonely Palette
video - 5:26
Constantin Brancusi, The Kiss
By: SmartHistory