The rise and fall of the Inca Empire
If you have missed the exhibition "Peru: a journey in time" at the British Museum, catch up with our special playlist dedicated to the Inca civilization.

Watch this animated Ted Ed to learn more about the history of the Inca Empire and its founding myths.

In English with French subtitles.

Content produced by : TED Ed

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On the agenda
video - 5:45
The rise and fall of the Inca Empire
By: Ted Ed
video - 1:00
The Moche Royal Tombs
By: Art Explora
video - 7:20
Archaeological Discoveries that Changed the World: Machu Picchu
By: Accessible art history
video - 5:43
Inca ushnus: landscape, site and symbol in the Andes
By: British Museum
video - 24:31
Chavin De Huantar and the Religious Revolution
By: Ancient Americas