Artist Ghislaine Leung takes a critical look at the ways in which art is produced, presented and circulated. She has developed a process of art-making that is based on ‘scores’. These are text-based instructions or descriptions that are realised by institutions in close conversation with the artist.

In this film, narrated by Leung, we follow the installation of her work Violets 2 at Towner Eastbourne, and see how art technicians interpret the work’s score within the unique parameters of the gallery space.

Ghislaine Leung is nominated for the 2023 Turner Prize, hosted by Towner Eastbourne. The winner will be announced on 5 December 2023.

Contenu produit par Tate

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Au programme
video - 5:30
Ghislaine Leung – ‘We are always holding and being held’
Par : Tate