Fashion week season is coming… 📸
To celebrate this event, a little look back at the history of fashion, its evolution and its links with art through iconic pieces: from egyptian textiles to the innovative Tabi boots by Martin Margiela... Thanks to this playlist you will know more about fashion than all the front-row stars of any show combined (quake in your boots Anna Wintour)!

Raissa Bretaña tells us how costume designers look to art history to inspire the fashions for films set across history.

Content produced by: Art Matters

On the agenda
podcast - 16:17
Fashion from the Canvas to the Silver Screen
By: Art matters
podcast - 30:23
Decoding fashion in paintings
By: Art matters
video - 4:30
The paintings that inspire fashion designers
By: The National Gallery
video - 2:56
Ô détail! The Tabi boots
By: Art Explora et Summum 3D
video - 8:07
Dress like an Egyptian
By: British Museum
video - 4:05
High Society – Fashion
By: Rijksmuseum