Fashion week season is coming… 📸
To celebrate this event, a little look back at the history of fashion, its evolution and its links with art through iconic pieces: from egyptian textiles to the innovative Tabi boots by Martin Margiela... Thanks to this playlist you will know more about fashion than all the front-row stars of any show combined (quake in your boots Anna Wintour)!

Shoes and haute couture !

In French with English subtitles.

Content produced by : Art Explora, Summum 3D, & Paris Musées, with Camille Jouneaux

On the agenda
video - 2:56
Ô détail! The Tabi boots
By: Art Explora et Summum 3D
video - 8:07
Dress like an Egyptian
By: British Museum
video - 4:05
High Society – Fashion
By: Rijksmuseum
podcast - 16:17
Fashion from the Canvas to the Silver Screen
By: Art matters
podcast - 30:23
Decoding fashion in paintings
By: Art matters
video - 4:30
The paintings that inspire fashion designers
By: The National Gallery