Frida Kahlo
On the occasion of the exhibition "Frida Kahlo, Beyond Appearances" at the Palais Galliera, Art Explora Academy invites you to discover or rediscover the artist through a selection of videos and podcasts dedicated to her life and work.

We take an in-depth and immersive look into the life of the iconic Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. In this video, you’ll learn about the key moments and experiences that shaped Frida and her art. From suffering multiple injuries to surviving turbulent relationships, Frida proved to be larger than life in her drive to live and create.

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Curious Muse

On the agenda
video - 7:59
Frida Kahlo’s Art in 8 Minutes: What Makes it So Special? 👩
By: Curious Muse
video - 15:00
Frida Kahlo’s ‘The Two Fridas
By: Great Art Explained
video - 4:27
Who Was Frida Kahlo?
By: Artrageous with Nate
podcast - 28:26
Diego and Frida, Part 1
By: ArtCurious
podcast - 34:00
Frida Kahlo with Rebecca Milford
By: Jo's Art History
video - 1:39
The Broken Column by Frida Kahlo
By: Accessible art history
video - 4:06
Frida Kahlo: The woman behind the legend
By: Ted Ed