Happy birthday Rosa Bonheur!
This Wednesday, March 16, Rosa Bonheur would have been 200 years old. To celebrate the bicentennial of the famous animal painter , Art Explora Academy has prepared a selection of videos and podcasts. Learn about the life and work of an exceptional woman artist. Discover her view of nature and animals. Follow her from Bordeaux to the Château de By. It's in our playlist of the week!

Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) broke molds for women during the nineteenth century, despite her artistic approach being quite conservative and traditional. As a result of her unwavering persistence to self-promote and gain success in her field of animal painting, she became one of the most famous female artists in the history of Western art.

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On the agenda
video - 1:17
Rosa Bonheur
By: Art Heroes
video - 5:13
Rosa Bonheur: “As far as males go, I only like the bulls I paint”
By: The National Gallery
video - 3:22
5-minute meditation: Rosa Bonheur’s ‘The Horse Fair’
By: The National Gallery
podcast - 30:35
The coolest artists you don’t know : Rosa Bonheur
By: ArtCurious