Fine Art in Rap Music
References to classical art are omnipresent in rap and hip hop music. Discover how rappers are reinventing art history with our special Art & Rap playlist !

This episode explores how the culture of hip hop has collided with art forms such as painting, installation art, photography and film. The podcast is presented by poet and writer Bridget Minamore.

Content produced by : Tate

On the agenda
podcast - 17:42
The Art of Hip Hop
By: Tate
video - 18:34
Classical Art, Blackness, and Lizzo’s “Rumors”
By: mytholotea
video - 3:33
Hidden Meanings Behind ‘APESHIT’ – Beyoncé and Jay Z Video
By: Insider
podcast - 28:08
Art References in Recent Hip Hop
By: Art matters