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Let's celebrate art in music! References to classical art are omnipresent in rap and hip-hop music. Discover how rappers reinvent art history with our special playlist! If you prefer classical music don't worry, you will love Listening In’s videos which present links between Great Artists like Hokusai, Rothko or Van Gogh and Music. Enjoy!

Jay Z created a performance art piece with Marina Abramović and wrote a song called’Picasso Baby’; Kanye West made a video inspired by a Vincent Desiderio painting. How – and why – have recent hip hop artists made extensive references to art in their music? This episode takes a look at how the relationship between art and hip hop has evolved, how graffiti art and hip hop grew up together, and why references to Basquiat are sending a powerful message.

Content produced by : Art Matters

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podcast - 28:08
Art References in Recent Hip Hop
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video - 10:17
What links Rothko and Mozart?
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video - 12:10
Why was Salvador Dalí Against Music?
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Van Gogh and Music – Symphonies in Colour
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What links ‘The Great Wave’ and Debussy’s ‘La Mer’?
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Hidden Meanings Behind ‘APESHIT’ – Beyoncé and Jay Z Video
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Classical Art, Blackness, and Lizzo’s “Rumors”
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