Fine Art in Rap Music
References to classical art are omnipresent in rap and hip hop music. Discover how rappers are reinventing art history with our special Art & Rap playlist !

Jay Z created a performance art piece with Marina Abramović and wrote a song called’Picasso Baby’; Kanye West made a video inspired by a Vincent Desiderio painting. How – and why – have recent hip hop artists made extensive references to art in their music? This episode takes a look at how the relationship between art and hip hop has evolved, how graffiti art and hip hop grew up together, and why references to Basquiat are sending a powerful message.

Content produced by : Art Matters

On the agenda
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Art References in Recent Hip Hop
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Classical Art, Blackness, and Lizzo’s “Rumors”
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Why Is Jean-Michel Basquiat Hip-Hop’s Favorite Artist?
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Hidden Meanings Behind ‘APESHIT’ – Beyoncé and Jay Z Video
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