5 Black Artists You Should Know
In celebration of Black History Month, we are honoring great African, African European and African American artists. From Basquiat to Kerry James Marshall, discover their history, their works and their fight for the recognition of their community and their creations. SHARE

For most Americans, there’s a list of arts that they might be able to rattle off if pressed to name them off the top of their heads. Picasso. Michelangelo. Leonardo da Vinci. Name recognition does go a long way, but such lists also highlight what many of us don’t know– a huge treasure trove of talented artists from decades or centuries past that might not be household names, but still have created incredible additions to the story of art. It’s not a surprise that many of these individuals represent the more diverse side of things, too– women, people of color, different spheres of the social or sexual spectrum.

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