Black Friday : who wants to buy art ?
Art Explora Academy can't offer you an art masterpiece at half price for Black Friday but we created a playlist 100% free about "Everything you always wanted to know about the art market but were afraid to ask". Why are companies buying art? What is an auction house? Why is contemporary art so expensive? All the answers are here!

Some dead sharks are worth $12 million. The biggest factor in the price of art often isn’t quality, or effort – it’s branding. But when a new artist steps into the art market, he or she has no reputation – no branding. That’s where art dealers come in. They promote, educate, and help artists to gain fame and success.

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On the agenda
video - 4:00
The formula for selling a million-dollar work of art
By: Vox Media
video - 10:42
Why Do Corporations Buy Art?
By: The Art Assignment
video - 9:18
Art + Taxes = The Dirty Truth
By: The Art Assignment
video - 8:50
Does APPLE make BILLIONS selling Art?
By: Bartsy
video - 8:27
Who decides what art is worth?
By: National Galleries of Scotland