Spotlight: Asian arts
Discover the arts of the Asian continent: Do you know the true story of Mulan? Who was Hokusai? What is a samurai? Who built the Forbidden City? Everything you've always wanted to know about China, Japan, and much more in our playlist!

James Payne explain this famous painting of Hokusai, The Great Wave.

Content produced by : Great Art Explained

On the agenda
video - 16:59
The Great Wave by Hokusai
By: Great Art Explained
video - 4:29
What makes the Great Wall of China so extraordinary
By: Ted Ed
video - 2:37
Step inside Forbidden City, the home of Chinese Emperors
By: Google Arts & Culture
video - 35:00
A Brief History of Japanese Art
By: Behind the masterpiece
video - 4:31
The incredible history of China’s terracotta warriors
By: Ted Ed
video - 10:46
The Art of the Samurai: Japanese Warrior Armor
By: Artrageous with Nate