Art and Labour
This May 1st, for International Workers' Day, Art Explora Academy offers you a playlist dedicated to the representation of workers in art. Take a look at 19th century painting and discover how at that time, from Millet to Caillebotte, the industrial revolution and social revolutions became great subjects for painting!

A current exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, is bringing together an almost forgotten generation of artists. ‘True to Life’ explores the realist tradition in British art between the two World Wars: focussing on the scrupulously detailed realist painting of the time. When abstract art became fashionable after the Second World War, many of these artists became side-lined and largely forgotten. The exhibition includes 80 paintings, of astonishing technical accomplishment and stunning beauty, by more than fifty artists, and provides a unique chance to rediscover a remarkable, but little known period in British Art.

Content produced by : National Galleries of Scotland

On the agenda
video - 7:30
What Is Realism?
By: National Galleries of Scotland
video - 3:26
Caillebotte, The Floor Scrapers
By: SmartHistory
video - 4:29
Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life
By: Tate
video - 4:53
Hung Liu on guns, art, history, forced labor, and taboos
By: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
video - 4:46
Work, war, and racism: Bearden’s Factory Workers
By: SmartHistory