Art makes you feel good
The third week in January marks 'Blue Monday', the most depressing day of the year. Let's fight seasonal depression with our special comfort playlist: a selection of artworks that celebrate happiness and joy.

Henri Matisse (1869–1954) is a French artist, most famous for his use of color in his paintings.

Content produced by : Art History Online

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On the agenda
video - 8:33
Henri Matisse – The Joy of Life (1905-1906)
By: Art History Online
video - 4:59
How to see more and care less: The art of Georgia O’Keeffe
By: Ted Ed
video - 3:02
Children’s Games – Pieter Bruegel the Elder
By: Two Minute Museum
video - 4:39
Dürer’s Melancholia I: How Math and Art can heal
By: Amor Sciendi
video - 10:34
Henri Rousseau: An Artistic Odyssey Through the Jungle of Imagination
By: Art History School
podcast - 6:52
Fun Fact Friday – At the Moulin Rouge
By: Who ARTed
video - 1:36
Keanu Reeves: Paul Gauguin
By: Fondation Beyeler
video - 10:20
Know the Artist: Rachel Ruysch
By: Several Circles