Art makes you feel good
The third week in January marks 'Blue Monday', the most depressing day of the year. Let's fight seasonal depression with our special comfort playlist: a selection of artworks that celebrate happiness and joy.

Henri Rousseau was a self-taught French painter known for his vibrant and fantastical jungle scenes. Born in Laval in 1844, Rousseau initially worked as a toll collector before taking up painting in his spare time. He eventually gained recognition as an artist, and his work was exhibited in Paris alongside the Impressionists.

Rousseau’s unique style was characterized by bold colors, flattened forms, and an imaginative approach to nature. His depictions of lush jungles and exotic animals were inspired by botanical gardens, popular literature, and images in magazines. While his work was often dismissed by critics during his lifetime, it has since become highly regarded and influential.

Content produced by: Art History School

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